A Heart That Pleases God

Submitted by Sandi Ochsner


Theme: Pleasing God
Object: What I need to do to please God
Scripture: 1Samuel 16:1-13


Do you remember Samuel, whose mother had given him to Eli the priest to raise, to serve God? Now he is grown up and is a priest himself and is being used by God.

God told Samuel that the king, whose name is Sau,l did not have a heart that pleased God.

What kind of things does a heart have that doesn’t please God, any ideas? (Angry, jealous, selfish, prideful, greedy.)

God wanted Samuel to go and anoint a new king.

Does anyone know what anoint meant in those days?  (Pouring oil over a person usually his head it was a kind of blessing.)

The new king, that Samuel would anoint, would have a heart that pleased God.

Does anyone know what a heart would be like that would please God? (Loving thoughts, words, and actions toward God and others.)

What would some loving words be? What would a loving action be?

God told him to go to Bethlehem where a man named Jesse lived, who had many sons. Samuel loved God and did what God told him to. Off he went to anoint a new king.

When Samuel arrived at Jesse’s house he asked Jesse to bring his sons out one by one. The first son came out, he was tall and strong and very handsome. God had told Samuel he would know when the right son came out. Samuel said next, the next son was also handsome and very smart.

Do you remember what God was looking for in a new king?

(Someone with loving thoughts, words and actions toward God and others.) So on to the next son and the next and the next finally all the sons that were there had walked before Samuel all 7 of them. He asks Jesse “Is this all your sons???” Jesse said, “I have one more son, but he is just a young shepherd boy out watching the sheep.” Samuel said please bring him here we’ll wait.”

So they ran out to get David who was in the field looking after his fathers sheep just like he was suppose to be doing. Come on in dad has someone who wants to meet you.

So David came as quickly as possible. He was handsome like his brothers but he was young and ruddy.

Who knows what ruddy means? (He probably had red hair, healthy looking, and maybe red cheeks.)

Do you remember what God is looking for in a new king?

Could anyone tell by just a quick look that David had a heart that pleased God? (No)

Samuel knew because right away that this was the son God had chosen to be the new king of Israel. Samuel knew that David had a heart that pleased God. So Samuel poured oil over David’s head and said “God has chosen you as the next king of Israel.”

David continued to take care of his father’s sheep until it was time to move to the palace. He knew God was with him when, even though he was very young God gave him strength to kill lions and bears. David trusted God. He had a heart that pleased God.

Do you know that God is with you and wants to use you too?

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