Interactive Group Activities

by Carol Williams

Sermon Title: "Following the Leader"

Scripture Reading: Mark 1:17-19

FOLLOWING THE FISH PATH: The teacher can make large simple cut FISH and make a path in a designated area for children to follow. When they get to the END, there will be a big pan of FISH and children can each take ONE and head back to the classroom. When children have all arrived back at the room, they can write THEIR own name on their fish and can write, I WILL FISH FOR PEOPLE! Discuss today’s lesson.

FISH DROP GAME: This will be played like “drop the clothespins in the bottle”. The children will kneel on a chair and drop little cutout fish into the fish bowl behind the chair. At the end of the game when everyone has had a chance to FISH DROP, the children can be asked how many people that THEY know who do NOT know Jesus and then PRAY together that those people will come to know JESUS!

FISH PIC: Let each child draw a LARGE FISH and color it. Write GOOD NEWS OF GOD’S LOVE and glue a magnet to the back, to display at home.

FOLLOW THE LEADER: Let each child be the leader and LEAD their classmates in various ways and things to do. Encourage children to do a lot of different things, such as sing a song, jump, run, crawl, hop, etc. When the game is over, have children sit in a circle and hear more about today’s lesson and then PRAY together that they will follow Jesus like Peter, Andrew, James and John did. Children can all say together: YES LORD, I’LL FOLLOW YOU – WHEREVER YOU MAY LEAD. AMEN!

NET HANGING: Buy mesh or fish netting for children to hang little cut out fish in the nets. ONE larger fish will have the words on it that will say, I WILL FOLLOW JESUS AND FISH FOR PEOPLE !

FOLLOW ME CHART: Children can take turns going to a poster chart on the wall. Each child can say, "follow me" and write their name on the chart. The next child will say, "follow me" and will write their name at the end of the first name and the children will continue writing their names in different colors and make a FOLLOW ME PATH around the poster board. The teacher or a child can write in BIG LETTERS... "I WILL FOLLOW JESUS AS MY LEADER"!!!

BIG FOOT PRAYER: Let children trace their own or each other's FOOT or cut out a big foot that the teacher has prepared before classtime. Children can write today's prayer (Dear Jesus, you have called us to follow you. I'll follow you wherever you may lead me. In Jesus' name, Amen!) Let children decorate their foot around the border with glitter glue and write their name on the BIG FOOT and take home to hang on a wall or use a magnet for the refridgerator.

BIG FOOT TRAIL: The teacher can have the children FOLLOW her/him around a designated area and as the teacher says, FOLLOW ME, the children will follow to each place that the teacher has a container or basket, etc of goodies for each child to take one and then will continue to follow to all of the GOODIE STATIONS. Then sit in a circle and talk about today's story and how the children can follow JESUS!

BIG FOOT BOOKLET: Cut out many matching-sized "feet" out of construction paper and let children tie the feet together to form a little booklet. The front of the BIG FOOT BOOKLET could say -- WHO WILL I FOLLOW? Each page of the "foot booklet" could have words or pictures of people they follow in school, in church, at home, at play, etc. The first and last page could have JESUS written and decorated on those pages.

FISH FOOD SNACK: Let children enjoy some Goldfish crackers in a little mesh netting bag, tied with ribbon.

Song:  "Fishers of Men" by Harry D. Clarke

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Song:  "Fishers of Men" by Elaine Kirkpatrick

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