Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams & Charles Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: "Jesus Loves Us All"

Scripture Reading: John 13:31-35

LAST IS FIRST RELAY: Have children divide into 2 or more teams. The children can run to the DUM DUM candy dish on the other side of the room and run back to the team. The only CATCH is that AFTER the children have lined up, the teacher will let the children know that the LAST person in line will be FIRST to run, and then the next to the last person will run, etc until the first person in line has completed the run for the Dum Dums.

FIRST IS LAST RELAY: Choose two or more team captains, depending on size of class. Let the team captains take turns choosing players for their team. The ONLY catch to this "choosing players" is that when the LAST CHILD has been chosen, the teacher will then call that LAST CHILD from each team and make THAT child the team captain and play one round of a relay running to a goal and back, etc. Then call that team player to pick players for each side and do the same - call the LAST PLAYER to have been chosen for each team to be the NEW TEAM CAPTAIN and continue to play another relay, for as long as time allows! The RELAY part can be very short - the KEY to the fun part is to continue to take the last player to be chosen to be the TEAM CAPTAIN! This MAY just be the very first time for the players who were chosen last to be made a TEAM CAPTAIN!!

LOVE RUN: Before class game time, the teacher can hide many hearts around the room that have GOD"S LOVE written on each heart... other LOVE quotes can be written on the distributed hearts, such as, JESUS LOVES ME, LOVE OTHERS, JESUS LOVES ALL THE CHILDREN, LOVE ONE ANOTHER, etc. The teacher can give a "command" such as ... "All the children wearing something RED, run and find a heart and bring it back to your circle"; or "Children who have shoe strings, run and find a heart"; "Children with blue eyes run and find a heart", etc, until all the hearts have been found. Let children quickly tape their hearts to a large poster and begin talking about today's lesson and what each heart says and how it applies to each child with examples from the children!!

HEART BOOKMARKER: Let each child draw and cut out a medium size heart out of construction paper. Write today's Bible verse or words from today's lesson and decorate with stickers and a ribbon at the top. Stick in their Bibles after finding today's Bible verse in their own Bibles (John 13:34)

DUM DUM SUCKER CHILDREN: Give each child a dum-dum sucker and a square piece of white cotton cloth (or teacher's choice). Place a small rubber band at the bottom of the candy sucker to make it look like a "person" and let children use a marker to draw eyes and mouth and nose. Glue on a few strands of yarn for hair or a small piece of colored felt. Let children tell today's Bible story with their new "person", holding the stick of the sucker to move like a little puppet.

HEART NECKLACE: Provide children with a heart to cut out and color and decorate. Hole punch the top of the heart and let children put their plastic colored 'string' through the hole and add some plastic or wooden beads on each side of the heart and tie loosely around their neck so that necklace can be put on and taken off without untying.

PAPER PLATE LOVE HEARTS: Each child can be given a paper plate to lightly color and then draw or glue hearts around the edges of the paper plate. Write today's Bible verse in the middle section of the paper plate. LOVE can be drawn in the middle of each heart around the outer edge of the plate, making sure to use a different bright colored marker each time.

HEART BANNER: Give children supplies to trace and cut out FOUR hearts for each child. Let children choose different colors for each heart if they'd like to. Tape the four hearts together at the edge of each one so the four hearts will be taped and at the side of each other. First heart will say JESUS; second heart will say LOVES; third heart will say US; and fourth heart will say ALL. Hang the heart banners around the church building, or a designated area of teacher's choice.

DUM DUM BALLOON BOUQUET: Give each child several dum dum suckers to rubber band together and add a ribbon. Stick a small balloon stick (small balloon on a stick that can be found in $$ stores, as well as retail or hobby stores), in the middle of the "bouquet" and this can be their treat for the day to take home and share God's LOVE with someone as well.

SING A SONG: "Jesus Loves the Little Children"; "Jesus Loves Me"

Song:  "Jesus Loves the Little Children"

Words and Music

MP3 Piano Accompaniment - Right click and save to your computer. (Two measures introduction and sing twice.)

Song:  "Love One Another" by Charles Kirkpatrick

Words and Music

MP3 Piano Accompaniment - Right click and save to your computer. (Two measures introduction and sing twice.)

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