Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams

Sermon Title: "Resisting Temptation"

Scripture Reading:  Luke 4:1-13

"TEMPTATIONS" MATCH GAME: Large piece of poster board on the floor or table with the following display for children to match up the Bible verse to the objects or pictures. Real stones and a piece of bread, a beautiful picture from a 'birds-eye view' (to represent the kingdoms shown from a high place), skyscraper picture or similar (to represent the highest point of the temple to throw himself down from). Scripture on slips of paper for the answers that Jesus gave: MAN DOES NOT LIVE BY BREAD ALONE; WORSHIP THE LORD YOUR GOD AND SERVE HIM ONLY; DON'T TEMPT THE LORD GOD. Children can match up the 'object' with the Bible verse!


Teacher will place a long rope or string down a "path" in the auditorium, etc for children to follow. Along that "path", they'll be tempted to leave that "path, by cotton candy (from Meijers?), large candy bar (which they'd have to step OFF that string or rope to get), etc.... but if they stay ON the "path", it will lead them to the BIGGEST PRIZE (of teacher's choice)!

TEMPTATIONS PUZZLE BIBLE VERSES: Construction paper envelopes with today's Bible verse on it. Inside each envelope can be a temptation on one slip of paper and then the Bible verse for that temptation will be in several pieces for child to piece together. (Ex: disobey parents, Lying, Stealing, Cheating, swearing, with the Bible verses in puzzle form -( Eph 6:1; Ex. 20:7, Ex 20:15, Ex 20:16, etc). For younger children, teacher could summarize the verse for the puzzle if needed.

Since February is Valentine month:

Option 1: HEART MAILBOX on Bulletin board: Temptation verses such as I Cor. 10:13, Heb. 2:18, James 1: 2-3, James 1:12; I Peter 2:9, Rev. 3:10, etc can be handed out to children to read and discuss and then place those verses in the heart mailbox on the bulletin board. Discussion about how much JESUS loves us and it pleases His "heart" when we obey and do not yield to sin.

For younger children - teacher can simplify this by just having the slips of paper with a temptation that a younger child might experience and say GOD DOES NOT WANT ME TO DISOBEY, or LIE, etc.. and then place that paper in the heart.

Option 2: HEART CRAFT - Two hearts together with hole punches around the outer edge. Children can weave ribbon in and out of the holes to make a heart envelope to hold their own Bible verses (above) against temptation. Same discussion above, but to take this craft home to share with others.  Candy could also be placed into this heart craft to take home.

TEMPTATION DELIGHT: Teacher can prepare an object lesson to teach satan's way of tempting. Make a "tempting LOOKING dessert" such as spinach or beets, etc on the bottom of a pretty bowl. THEN cover this with delicious looking cool whip, sprinkles, hershey kiss, etc. Let children see this "dessert" during the class and toward the end of the lesson, and even share a little portion of the delectable dessert. They'll soon realize that what LOOKED very tempting, really was NOT! Discussion on how satan makes sin look very tempting but "is not what it seems"!!!

Song:  "Thy Word" by E. O. Sellers

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