Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams & Charles Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: "All We Like Sheep"

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 53:4-12

GETTING ACQUAINTED ACTIVITY: Assign each child a number as they come into the class. (1's are sheep and 2's are shepherds) When you call the 1's the "sheep" start to scatter and then call out the 2's (shepherds) and they bring them back. Remind the children that we ALL sometimes go astray, but "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness." 1 John 1:9 (NIV)

FOLLOWING THE SHEPHERD: Play a game with the sheep FOLLOWING the shepherd with a reminder to follow CAREFULLY no matter what! The "shepherd" could do a few tricky things that the sheep have to do!

THE SHEEP FOLD: Build a sheep fold. It could be as simple as arranging some chairs in a square with a small space to serve as the entrance to the fold. Explain to the children that the fold was built with just one small entrance for the sheep to get in. The shepherd would lay across the entrance the fold to protect the sheep and to keep them from straying. Allow the children to play-act this with the "sheep trying to go astray" but the shepherd guarding them or pulling them back with the cane/staff.

COTTON SHEEP: Let children draw some sheep on a piece of construction paper. Children can glue cotton balls onto their sheep. Glue or tape toothpicks or cut off craft sticks for the fence. If the children would like to make a tree, then the teacher can provice brown and green felt for the child to glue onto the tree. Silk flower petals could be provided for any flowers around the fence, if desired.

PAPER BAG SHEEP: Each child can be given a white paper lunch bag. Black construction paper can be used to cut out sheep ears which can be taped or glued to the top of the bag. Children can place their hands inside the bag and use as a puppet to recite today's BIBLE VERSE, after decorating the bag with a sheep face and cotton gluing to the bag.

SHEEP MODELING: Divide the class into smaller groups and provide each group with modeling clay to build a fence and some sheep. Let children tell the story from today's lesson. Of course, alot of baa-baa-ing should be included!!

STRAYING SHEEP: The teacher can have sheep cutouts from heavy card stock for the children to color and add cotton balls to each sheep. Add an extra folded piece of card stock to the bottom back part of the sheep so that the sheep can stand up without falling over. After the sheep are ready to wander, let the children scatter over a designated area and "BAA BAA", while the teacher calls out the children's names, one at a time. As the teacher calls out a name, that sheep/child will come to the teacher and set their sheep inside a fence on the classroom table. (A simple fence can be made by standing folded construction paper in a square on the table or floor).

BIBLE VERSE SHEEP: Many small sheep can be cut out and words from today's Bible verse can be written on the sheep. All the sheep can be placed outside the sheep Pen. Children can gather the "wandering sheep" and place them INSIDE the sheep pen, in the correct order of the Bible verse words.


SHARE A SNACK: MARSHMELLOWS!!!! The children could be given a few marshmellows and toothpicks to form a sheep. If the teacher chooses to make more of a sheep snack, the "sheep marshmellow" can be melted in the microwave on top of a graham cracker, add a small piece of chocolate bar and another graham cracker on top... SHEEP SMORES!!!

"Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us"

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