The Crucifixion
Comments by the Artist Graham Kennedy

This painting depicts part of the crowd at the crucifixion. These notes are a guide as to how the picture could be used.

Start with the character on the left and move to the right......

The Pharisee

Some of those present hated Jesus. Some still do! What is your reaction?


Nicodemus might have been thinking about the night he met Jesus. (John ch 3) "I must be born again!" We later see both Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea (a fellow member of the Sanhedrim) willingly becoming defiled (according to Jewish law) as they claim the body of Jesus from the cross.


As Barabbas leaves the Crucifixion scene, he turns to take one last look at the one who died in his place. Perhaps he was thinking, "He died for me".

The Centurion

After watching the events at the Cross, he has to declare "Surely this is the Son of God!".


John was only disciple present at the scene. He must have been confused as to what was happening. We, like John, sometimes cannot see that God is doing great things behind all the confusion.

Mary, the mother of Jesus or Mary Magdalene

Mary watched as her Son died for the wrong doing of which we are all guilty. Mary Magdalene remembered how she came to Jesus just as she was, and found forgiveness. We must come the same way.

The Sadducee

This religious leader didn't believe in the resurrection and so thought that this was the end of Jesus. He was wrong!

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