Five Kernels

Submitted by Selina Tiesler


Theme: Thanksgiving
Object: 5 pieces of Candy corn in a plastic bag (optional: one for every child)
Scripture: Let them give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for men. Psalm 107:8

Do you children know who the Pilgrims were? (allow children time to respond)

Back in the 1600’s, they sailed away from England on the Mayflower to the New World (America) so they could worship God the way they wanted.

They landed at Plymouth MA in the beginning of winter. Well, that winter was long and cold and difficult- they had very little food and they worked hard to build a settlement.

At the end of the winter, a Native American Indian named Squanto made friends with the Pilgrims. He taught them how to plant the Indian corn by heaping the dirt into a mound and putting the seeds and a fish in each mound for fertilizer.

Well, the Pilgrims planted corn the way Squanto taught them, and the corn grew so well that they harvested a lot of food for the coming winter.

Their harvest was so successful; they wanted to have a special day of thanksgiving to show their thanks for God’s blessings. From that time on at each Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims kept 5 kernels of corn at their plates to remind them to be thankful to God.

I have 5 kernels of candy corn here to remind us of the meaning of Thanksgiving:

Kernel 1: The first kernel reminds us that God loves us.
Kernel 2: The second kernel reminds us that God provides for our needs.
Kernel 3: The third kernel reminds us of the friends God has given us.
Kernel 4: The fourth kernel reminds us of all the people God has given us who love us.
Kernel 5: The fifth kernel reminds us that God hears our prayers and answers us.

Let us Pray.

Dear God , Thank you for providing for all our needs and for loving us. We Love You! Amen