Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams & Charles Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: "God's Prayer Warrior: Daniel"

Scripture Reading:  Daniel 6:1-28

ANGEL IN THE LION'S DEN: Divide the children into 2 teams if there is a large group of children. All the children will scatter around in an area that the teacher designates. Designate one child on each team to be the "angel" and the rest of the children on the team are the "lions". To begin the game, tell the "lions" to open their mouths and roar. The child who is the "angel" will then go to each member of his team and tag him/her. When the "lion" has been tagged, he/she will stop roaring and lie down on the floor. See which team can shut all the "lion's" mouths first.

LION FREEZING: All the children can crawl around the room and roar until the "ANGEL" says to FREEZE. Everyone stops until the "ANGEL" says to move again. Play as time allows and then children can sit in a circle in the LIONS DEN to hear how God closed the lions' mouths, in our story today. Anytime the teacher says the word LION during the telling of the story, the children can ROAR!

LION, LION, DANIEL: This could be played as the old DUCK DUCK GOOSE game in a circle, while the ANGEL walks around the back of each child and taps their head to say LION, LION, LION..... and then will shout DANIEL and that person will jump up and chase the ANGEL back to their seat!

LION HEAD: Give the children a large drawing of a lion's head or let the children draw their own lion head. Provide yarn for the mane and stick-on eyes which you can get from a craft store for the face. If you prefer, the children could make this like a mask and cut holes for their own eyes to look through as they tell today's story.

LION PLACE MATS: Give the children card stock or a piece of poster board the size of a place mat. Provide the children with supplies to draw a lion on the place mat. Write words from today's lesson to encourage children each day as they eat a meal to remember how God will protect and provide as we OBEY him.

DANIEL SKIT: As the teacher tells today's story let the children do the following motions as the story is told. (moving their arms like an Angel, prayer hands, looking toward heaven, mouths wide open for the lions or roaring, calling out hand by their mouth as the King called out to Daniel in the lions den, etc.) Children will love to use their imagination.

PUPPET BAG: Give the children a paper lunch bag to create a puppet from today's story. The children might choose to make a puppet of Daniel, or a lion, or an angel. As they decorate their puppet bag, they can talk about today's story and then try to use their puppets to tell their teacher the story again.

LIONS DEN BIBLE VERSE: Give each child a piece of construction paper, glue, markers and any other supplies that could help in drawing a picture of a LION's DEN. Encourage them to write today's Bible memory verse or words or words that represent the key points from today's lesson. (Obey, Pray, Faithful, etc.)

SHARE A SNACK: Children could be given a round brown cookie and place orange cheese balls around the edge as the lion's mane or grated cheese around the edges of the lion's head and raisins for the eyes, if desired.


Song:  "Daniel in the Lion's Den"

Words and Music (pdf)

Piano Accompaniment MP3

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