Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams & Charles Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: "God's Strong Man: Samson"

Scripture Reading:  Judges 13-16

WEIGHT LIFTING: Children can be divided into teams for weight lifting. The teacher can have various objects for each team to come up to the line and LIFT the weight (Box, toy, rock, ball, shoes, bar bells, food box, etc). Go from lighter objects to heavier.

SAMSON AND DELILAH CHASE: This is played much like the old game of DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE, but as children sit in a circle, the IT person will walk slowly around the outside perimeter of the circle and tap each person and say SAMSON, but when they tap a classmate and shout DELILAH, that person will jump up and chase the IT person until they reach the space that is empty. If they are not caught, then the new IT person will continue to play. The teacher can make their own changes or ideas to fit the ages or time and space available.

SAMSON BOOKLET: There are many things in our lesson that Samson did in his life. Give the children supplies of markers, stickers, small pieces of material for clothing, yarn for hair, etc. to make several pages of events in Samson's life. Have the children create and tie the booklet pages together with yarn in side holes.

STRENGTH COLLAGE: Have the children draw large bubble letters spelling STRENGTH in the middle of a sheet of paper. The rest of the paper may be filled in with words about Samson written with colored markers and color the area around the words in pastel colors around the poster to create a collage effect.

SAMSON BAG PUPPET: Provide each child with a paper bag, pieces of material for clothing, yarn to be glued onto the bag for Samson's long hair, and use the bag as a puppet for the children to tell today's story.

BARBELL MOBILE: Have the children trace and cut out and color a set of barbells. Hang the barbells from a hanger with STRENGTH written in bright colors on one barbell and SAMSON written on the other barbell. These can be hung around the classroom.

CRAFT STICK SAMSON: Give each child a craft stick and a circle for the head of SAMSON. The children will decorate the circle to look like Samson with LONG yarn glued to the head for Samson's long hair when obeying God. Glue the head to the craft stick to make a Samson stick puppet.

YARN LACING: Give the children a simple drawing of Samson with long hair on a piece of card stock for each child to color. Punch holes up and down the long hair of the picture and have the children lace in and out of the holes with yarn to create a look of long hair. Encourage children to tell why his long hair was so important to GOD. IF the teacher would like to make this a class project, a large poster board could have this drawing of Samson, as well and children could take turns at coming up to lace a couple of holes while discussing questions about our story today.

SAMSON HAIR: Cut wide strips of construction paper and tape the ends together make a head band to fit the child's head. The children will tape or glue long yarn pieces to the hair "band" and child can wear this and be SAMSON for a day! If the girls would like to be Delilah, they could decorate their hair "band" with glitter and stickers along with their long hair!


SHARE A SNACK: Apple slices and caramel dip.

Song:  "My God Is So Great"

Words and Music (pdf)

Piano Accompaniment MP3

Song:  "Be Strong and of Good Courage"

Words and Music (pdf)

Piano Accompaniment MP3

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