Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams

Sermon Title: "He Does All Things Well"

Scripture Reading: Mark 7:24-37

SOCCER PLAY: Divide the class into teams and give each team a soccer ball to kick from one area to another and see who gets the ball there the quickest without going out of bounds. Continue to play as long as time allows and this can also be done in different ways, either by teams or individuals or a child against the teacher, etc, just for fun.

PIANO PLAY OFF: Bring the class to a piano and let each child sit down and give 1-2 minutes per child to sit down and play something on the piano! Tell children to be as creative as they can be and enjoy the music!

The teacher can tape a piece of construction paper on a wall - one for each child in the class. Tell children they can take 2 minutes until the buzzer rings, to paint whatever picture they'd like to paint. Children will enjoy seeing what others have painted.

SIGN GAME: Divide the children into two teams and let each team pick a slip of paper out of the teacher's basket that will have an item that one team can "sign" for the other team until they say the right answer. Continue to play with each team as time allows. Ideas for the teacher to write on the slips for ideas for the children such as - tree, boat, elephant, frog, fish, flower, mother, baby, or words from our lesson today,etc.

Give the children an opportunity to say a word for the rest of the class to figure out what they said. If this is too easy, then children can be told they could try to have the class read their lips for 3 words, etc. Encourage children to use words from today's Bible story such as soccer ball, painting, music book, sick man, Bible, tongue, ears, etc.

SONG RECORDING: Have a tape player ready and encourage children to sing songs together as a class and record each song. Some children may be willing and excited to sing a portion of a song as a solo. Play the songs back for the children to hear.

JESUS POSTER: Let children cut out letters J-E-S-U-S and glue onto a piece of poster board or construction paper. Then the children can be shown how to write "JESUS DOES EVERYTHING WELL" on the J-E-S-U-S letters. Decorate the poster with glitter glue on the JESUS letters and around the border, etc.

TELL EVERYONE Door hanger: Divide the class into 2 teams. Each team will stand on either side of the classroom door. Connect two large poster boards with strong string and hang OVER the door. Give children supplies to write JESUS DOES EVERYTHING WELL... and each write words or draw pictures on their side of the board to write all the GREAT AND WONDERFUL things that JESUS does! Let the children change sides of the door to see what the other team drew!


SNACK FUN: At the end of class, the teacher can show the children some snacks that are available but the children have to either 'sign' the treat that they desire or the teacher will have to lip read what the child would like to snack on! ENJOY!

Song:  "My God Is So Great"

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Song:  "Tell What He's Done for You"

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Song:  "Stop and Let Me Tell You"

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About Carol Williams
Carol and her husband have been in the ministry for 35 years.  They have served churches in Illinois, Minnesota, Mississippi, Michigan, and for the last 14 years in Indiana.  Carol loves to work with children so you will find her teaching in Junior Church and children's Sunday School.  She also has clowning ministry in which she is known as Bubbles tc (the clown).
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