Interactive Group Activities

by Carol Williams

Sermon Title: "Hope for the Hopeless"

Scripture Reading: Mark 1:40-45

TURN,TURN,TURN: Children can stand in a long line or they can scatter around a designated area or stand in a circle, as teacher desires. The teacher can tell the children to TURN to the RIGHT or TURN to the LEFT, or TURN toward the MIDDLE of the room, or TURN toward the teacher or the window, or the door, etc. The teacher can have a very LARGE lettered J-E-S-U-S on one wall and from time to time the teacher can say to TURN to JESUS. Play as time allows and let children hear today's Bible story after sharing our THEME and today's Bible verse.

Divide the class into two teams. One team can be given washable markers to put dots of marker on the other team members' arms or faces, if desired. The team with the dots will then be given wet toweling or wipes to wipe off the dots. Let children know about today's Bible lesson and the leprosy that was the dreaded disease in Jesus' time. Then switch markers to the other team and continue the same way as the first team.

TURN TO HOPE: Before classtime, the teacher can make a big poster to say HOPE and decorate to hang in the classroom. During the classtime, tell the children that the teacher will be telling the children to TURN TO HOPE through out today's lesson and at many different times. The teacher can move the HOPE poster from place to place while doing the lesson while children are busy and not paying attention and then tell the children to TURN TO HOPE and continue this through out the classtime. Discussion about HOPE and TRUST with the children each time would help them to remember today's lesson.

BANDAID MAN: Give children supplies to cut out part of a person and glue or tape to a piece of construction paper. The teacher will come to each child's paper and put a mark on a couple of places on the body and then give the children 2 bandaids to place on those marks. Tell children to write HOPE FOR THE HOPELESS on the shirt of their paper person and talk about today's lesson with leprosy and Jesus healing the man who had hope and trust in Jesus.

FINGER PAINTING HOPE: Children can be given paper and paint to do a finger painting project. After children have played with the paints and made designs on their paper with the paint, encourage the children to use their finger and write HOPE on the artwork and let it dry throughout the class time.

HOPE AND TRUST ACROSTIC: The teacher can write HOPE/TRUST down the left side of a poster board or the chalkboard and let the class work together to find words for each of the letters that would encourage people to have hope and trust in Jesus. The ideas could be ways that Jesus shows us to trust Him as well.

BIG LETTER HUNT: Before classtime, the teacher/leaders can make large construction paper letters (one letter for each piece of construction paper) to hide around a designated area. There should be a large letter for every letter of HOPE and TRUST. Children can HUNT for the letters and bring them back to tape to the classroom door or a special wall or poster board! Tell children to ask each other questions about today's lesson.


SHARE A SNACK: Each child could be given a snack pack of nuts, raisins, pretzels, crackers, juice box, etc, to show children what many organizations give to the homeless and people who need encouragement when they are hurting and need someone's help.

Song:  "My God Is So Great"

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Song:  "Jesus Loves the Little Children"

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Carol and her husband have been in the ministry for over 35 years.  They have served churches in Illinois, Minnesota, Mississippi, Michigan, and Indiana.  Carol loves to work with children so you will find her teaching in Junior Church and children's Sunday School.  She also has clowning ministry in which she is known as Bubbles tc (the clown).
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