Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams

Sermon Title: "In the World, but Not of the World"

Scripture Reading:  John 17:6-19

WORLD WATCHES: Let the children look over a world globe. Tell the children that you will give them a place to find on the world globe. This can be done in teams or as individuals. Let children know that there are Christians ALL AROUND this world and how important it is to be IN this world but not OF this world. Have children put a small round sticker on each place that they find, as the teacher mentions different continents and countries, etc.

WATER BOTTLES: Give each child a small bottle to add the color to the water as well as the oil. Let children take the small bottles home to share the Bible story today and place on their dressers to remind them to not be OF this world. Children can each be given a small slip of construction paper to write today's Bible verse and tape around the outside of the bottle.

WORLD HUNT: The teacher can hide slips of paper with words from our lesson today that would make up a summary sentence about the lesson. Children can run and find the slips of paper and then work together to put the sentence in the right order and tape onto a poster board. This WORLD HUNT could be the prayer at the end of the lesson, if desired.

"IN THE WORLD" NAMES: Let the children each take turns or let a few children at a time go to the chalk board or to blank pieces of construction paper that have been taped around the room. The children will draw a circle and add anything they wish to the "world circle" and write their name on the circle as ONE WHO IS IN THE WORLD BUT NOT "OF" THE WORLD.

POSTER WORLD AND CROSSES: Let the children (or the teacher before class time) draw a very LARGE WORLD on a full piece of poster board. Color the world as time allows and then give each child a paper cross to write their own name on and tape it somewhere on the world poster. Tell the children that there are children and grown ups ALL AROUND THE WORLD who are IN the World but not OF the World.

WORLD BIBLE BOOK MARKERS: Give the children supplies to cut out a book marker and add stickers or pictures of a world globe as well as drawing crosses and hearts, and let themn write I WILL BE IN THE WORLD BUT NOT OF THE WORLD. Give the children a ribbon to glue to the edges of the book marker, if desired.

WORLD MARCH: Let the children march around the "world" area that the teacher has marked off or the children could follow the teacher to the many parts of the world. The teacher will make signs representing various parts of the world to let children know that wherever they GO, they can be IN the world but not OF the world. At each "sign" in the world that the teacher has prepared before class time, the teacher can have the children sit down in a circle and share ways of being IN the world but not OF the world. Then continue the MARCH to another "part of the world" and do the same circle sharing.

EGG SHELL WORLD: Crushed up egg shells can be dyed for different colors and dried before class. Let the children draw a round world on a heavy piece of paper or poster board and add the colored shells for different parts of the world and title the paper... IN THE WORLD BUT NOT OF THE WORLD.

SNACK TIME: Have several kinds of snacks available for the children to take a few of each snack and put in a little sandwich zip-lock bag for their snack today. Tell children that they are SEPARATE from the world (as the various treats can represent) but live IN the world (after putting all the snacks "together" in their sandwich bag. (Ideas for treats such as M & M's, raisins, mini crackers, pretzels, etc)


Song:  "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands"

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Song:  "I'll Be a Sunbeam"

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