As I Have Loved You


Theme: We are to love others as Jesus loves us - Sixth Sunday of Easter
Object: Suckers or candy that comes in a variety of flavors
Scripture: My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. John 15:12 (NIV)

This morning I have a bag of suckers. As you can see, they came in many different flavors. There are lemon, cherry, grape, watermelon, orange, and butterscotch.

Sometimes I give a sucker to my students at school when they have done something special. One thing I have noticed is that when I allow the students to choose the flavor they want, some children are very picky about what flavor they choose. I almost always end up with butterscotch suckers left over when all of the other flavors are gone.

I don't know why my students won't choose the butterscotch suckers. Maybe it is because their flavor is different from the other suckers. Maybe it is because they don't like the color of the wrapping paper on the suckers. Whatever the reason may be, I always end up with butterscotch leftovers. Do you know what I do with the leftover suckers? I eat them myself! You see, I love them all!

Sometimes we treat people the same way my students treat these suckers. When children play games, some children are always the last to be chosen. Maybe it is because they are just a little bit different. Perhaps they have a physical handicap or maybe their skin is a different color. Whatever the reason might be, the other children just won’t choose them.

Have you ever been the one that wasn't chosen? It isn’t a very good feeling, is it? We all need to remember that Jesus loves ALL the children and He said, "Love each other as I have loved you." If you are ever the one that is left out, don't worry, Jesus loves you just as much as He loves the other children. He loves us all!

Dear Jesus, help us to remember that you have told us to love one another just as you have loved us. Amen.