Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams & Charles Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: "The Most Important Thing"

Scripture Reading: Luke 10:38-42

IMPORTANT THINGS HUNT: Place many items around a designated area - such as toys, books, Bible, Bible verses, Christian plaques, magazine pics, etc. Send children out to the designated area, two by two, to find something IMPORTANT (just one item per child to begin with) and bring their item back to the classroom table. Send 2 or 3 more children out to find something IMPORTANT until everyone has brought an IMPORTANT item back to the table. Gather around the table and talk about the IMPORTANT ITEMS and why. Discuss today's lesson!

IMPORTANT THINGS TRAY: Place several items on a tray and cover with a towel or paper towel. Uncover the tray in the middle of a circle that the children have formed and tell children to see how many important items can be remembered when the teacher covers the tray up again. Talk about important things and how to remember the important things of the Lord!!

JESUS VISORS: Provide each child an inexpensive visor to use colorful glitter glue on the rim and write JESUS in bright colors and decorate.

JESUS BEADS: Let children make a bracelet or necklace with the JESUS letters and other colorful beads to string and then tie and wear to tell others about the IMPORTANT THING.

TABLE BANNER: Lay long roll of paper on classroom table. Let children write JESUS in huge letters and color in bright colors and write smaller words from today's lesson - such as "important things" from the Bible. Let children decorate with stickers or other bright markers, etc.

IMPORTANT THINGS UNSCRAMBLING:Hide letters around the room. The children can run around the room to find letters that will form a word for something important and tape or glue the letters on a poster board that is titled IMPORTANT THINGS. (Letters on a sheet can be purchased inexpensively at a scrap booking store). Tell children to think of a word before they go to look for letters so they'll know what letters they would need to find.

IMPORTANT THINGS CHARTING: On a large poster board, make two sides for the children to see of IMPORTANT THINGS and NOT IMPORTANT THINGS. Children can either draw important or not important things, or tape or glue pictures from magazines on either side. Teacher can give words on little pieces of paper that the children can tape or glue to the correct side of the chart as well.

CRAFT STICKS: Provide children with craft sticks to color or paint or colored markers. Then children can glue craft sticks to form the word J-E-S-U-S. onto a piece of poster board. Form a folded piece of the bottom of the piece of poster board to form a "stand" for the JESUS paper.

IMPORTANT THINGS BOOKLET: Let children choose some pieces of colored squares of construction paper. Staple or tie together with a punched hold and yarn. Title page can say IMPORTANT THINGS and the children can draw, color, or trace words or pictures (or glue pics from magazines) to each page inside their booklet. Tell children to glance through their book through out the week to remember the IMPORTANT.things in their lives.

M & M's - Give out M & M's for "Mary" and "Martha" and as children can answer questions about today's Bible lesson, they can be given M & M's to remind them of the story!

M & M SKIT - Have children play act out the Bible story while the teacher or another child reads the story. Mary can be sitting at Jesus's feet while Martha prepares the food (at the table the teacher has available for the skit). Let Martha and Jesus SAY their parts of the story.


SNACK TIME: Enjoy a SUPER SUNDAY SUNDAE with the children -- a dish of ice cream with whatever toppings they'd like to enjoy!

Song:  "Turn Your Eyes Upon  Jesus" by Helen H. Lemmel

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Song:  "All That Thrills My Soul" by Thoro Harris

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