Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams & Charles Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: "The Mother Hen"

Scripture Reading:  Luke 13:31-35

HEN CALLING THE CHICKS: Choose one child to be the Mother Hen and tell the chicks to run away quickly but when the "Mother Hen" calls them back - they all turn and run back. Choose a new Mother Hen and play again as chicks scatter and then come running back to the "Mother Hen" when they're called back!

COVER UP GAME: Divide the children into two teams and have a separate circle and a blanket for each team. When the teacher calls out to the children to COVER UP, the teams will run to their own circle and get under the blanket and the first team to get completely under the cover, will win that round. Continue to play again as long as time allows.

Designate one SEEKER to lead the hide and seek. Let all the rest of the class find a place to hide and he will try to "seek" the ducks. When the Leader calls out "duck, duck, duck, duck", and one is found -- the found-duck will shout out QUACK, QUACK, QUACK,QUACK, and will join the SEEKER to find more ducks!

DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE - Play the traditional game of Duck, Duck, Goose with children in a circle and one person to run around the circle of children and tap each one on the head and say, DUCK, DUCK, DUCK, etc until one head is tapped while saying GOOSE and that child will jump up and RUN after the leader. If caught before the runner gets back to his place, he will be the next one to tap heads, etc.

CHILDREN FOLD OUTS -- Take a piece of paper (8.5" x 11") and cut it lengthwise. Fold it into quarters accordion (pleated) style. Draw a figure of a person on the top layer. Be sure that the arms extend beyond the edge of the folded sheet. Cut the figure out and unfold. You will get a chain of dolls holding hands. Click here for step by step picture of the activity. Tape the children on the wall and write GOD LOVES AND CARES FOR HIS CHILDREN.

PAPER PLATE HEN WITH WINGS: Trace one hand on red construction paper and cut it out for the comb. Trace two hands on yellow construction paper and cut them out for the feet. Cut out a triangle shape from yellow construction paper for the beak. Trace and cut out two hands from white construction paper for wings. Glue the red hand cutout to the back side of the plate to form the comb. Glue the two yellow hands to the back of the plate to form the feet. Glue the yellow triangle to the front of the plate to form the beak and the two white hand cutouts to the front of the plate to form the wings. Draw and color eyes to the front of the plate. Glue a second plate to the back of the first plate to provide stability and to keep the comb and feet from falling off. Your hen is complete.

FEATHERED BIBLE VERSE: Purchase feathers from a store and give each child a piece of construction paper and some feathers. Children can write today's Bible verse or important words from our lesson today and then glue the ends of the feather OVER the written words. Gather in a circle on the floor to pray and thank Jesus for loving us so much that He keep calling us to come to Him.


SHARE A SNACK: PEEPS marshmallow treats

Song:  "Under His Wings" by Ira D. Sankey

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Song:  "Jesus Loves Me" Traditional

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