Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams

Sermon Title: "Only a Carpenter's Son"

Scripture Reading: Luke 4:21-30

COLORED HIDE AND SEEK: The teacher will have one child that will be IT and the rest of the class will hide. When the teacher tells "IT" to run and find someone wearing RED... and after that child joins the first "IT", they will be told to go and find someone wearing BLUE, etc until all the children have been found.

ICE CREAM RELAY: Divide children into teams and have mini dixie cups with ice cream inside. As the children play out the relay, they will run to the ice cream line and eat the ice cream quickly and return to their team to continue with all players eating a dixie cup of ice cream and back to the team. (This should only be 2 or 3 little bites of ice cream - not much more). This could also be played at the end of the class time as a little snack/treat.

"I'M A CARPENTER'S SON" RELAY: Let the children divide into groups and everyone on each team will run to the bag filled with carpenter's items. They will put on and hold all the items (such as a hammer, tool belt, cap, etc) and shout out I'M A CARPENTER'S SON. They they'll take everything off and put back in the bag and run back to their team for the next team member to run the same race.

CARPENTER TOOLS: Let children trace and cut out carpenter tools. Write parts of our Bible verse or words from today's lesson on each tool. Either glue the tools onto a piece of construction paper or hole punch each tool and hang together on a piece of yarn in a circle of tools.

FAITHFUL AND TRUE TO GOD POSTER: Give children a large poster board to take turns in writing ways that we can be faithful and true to God. Class discussion is important and children can take turns in writing in various colored markers to decorate the poster and to keep the poster on a classroom wall. Make sure that large letters across the poster will say, FAITHFUL AND TRUE TO GOD!

JESUS THE CARPENTER'S SON: Let children write JESUS on a hammer cut out. Write Carpenter's Son on another tool, write HEALER on another tool, write PROPHET on another tool, etc. Give children a long wide strip of poster board, or construction paper taped together, to form a TOOL BELT. Hang the tools with the words, from the tool belt and let children wear their tool belts out of class.

BUILD A HOUSE: Bring wood and hammer and nails, etc for children to build a house together. Talk about today's lesson. Paint and brushes could even be provided for children to paint the house that they nail together. Provide many different shapes of wood and let children take turns pounding a nail into a piece of wood to form a "house". Tell the children that they can be a part of building their lives into others, as they let them know about Jesus and HIS love for them. Use a large magic marker to write on the roof or door of the house that JESUS IS FAITHFUL AND TRUE.

WHO CAN BANNER: Write WHO CAN on the top of a long banner for children to write JESUS after all the Questions on the banner. The children can each use a different colored marker to write JESUS when it's their turn. Teacher will write questions such as WHO CAN heal the sick? WHO CAN take care of us? WHO CAN part the waters? WHO CAN save our souls? WHO CAN provide all that you need? WHO CAN forgive? More ideas from God's word or this lesson for children to answer JESUS can. After every question, the children can shout... JESUS, as each child write JESUS on the banner. Give children stars and stickers to decorate the banner when activity is done.


Song:  "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus" Traditional

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