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Born Again!
Nacidos de nuevo
Doubting Thomas
El Tomás Dudoso
The Good Samaritan
La parábola del buen samaritano
Jesus Feeds 5000
Jesús alimenta a 5000

Jesus Heals a Centurion's Servant
Jesús sana al siervo del centurón

Jesus Walking on Water
Caminando sobre agua
Joseph and His Brothers
José y sus hermanos
Moses, Leader of God's People
Moisés líder del pueblo de Dios
The Parable of the Tenants
Parábola de los labradores malvados
Paul and Silas in Philippi
Pablo y Silas en Filipo
The Ten Lepers
Los diez leprosos
Treasure in the Field
El tesoro en el campo
The Widow's Mite
La ofrenda de la viuda
A Little Man Who Made It Big
Jonah and the Great Fish
Jonás y el gran pez
The Prodigal Son Jesus Clears the Temple
The Armor of God Baby Moses Disciples Jeopardy Game
Fishers of Men Jesus Is Lord Jesus Loves Me
Know the Plan - Follow Jesus Peter's Confession  
Believe It or Not! In, but Not of the World The Lilies of the Field
Resurrection Events The Thirst Quencher That Settles It!
A New Wind Blowing Up, Up and Away Go and Make Disciples
When Your Load Is Heavy Welcome Freedom Isn't Free
How Does Your Garden Grow? Hide and Seek The Price Is Right
Feeding the 5000 Crumbs from the Table The Whistle
Over and Over Again Don't Miss Out All Puffed Up
And It Was Very Good    
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