Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams & Charles Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: "Soli Deo Gloria"

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 5:19-20

MUSIC NOTES BIBLE VERSE: Give the children a piece of paper. The teacher can have large music notes drawn on the sheet and make a copy for each child. Let children copy "Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord" onto all their music notes. Several words could be on each note and add the Bible verse reference (Ephesians 5:19). Children can then trace the notes with bright markers. Recite the verse together several times.

SINGING RELAY: Divide the children into two teams. The children will run to the teacher across the room and SING a note or make a music sound and run back to the team to continue the relay. If the teacher desires, a word from our Bible verse today can be given to the child to SING in a music tone and return to the team, to continue the relay.

SONG ADDITIONS: Have the children sit in a circle and begin to sing one word each of the Bible verse. This may cause a few giggles along the way, but the children will enjoy making a song of the Bible verse together.

TAPE RECORDING: Have a tape recorder available for children to record a few of their favorite songs. Let them listen to themselves singing. There may be a some children that want to sing a solo or a duet together to be recorded as well.

SONG DECOUPAGE: If you have some old hymnals that are no longer in use, tear out some songs that the children may know and let them glue them onto a piece of thin wood. Using a brush, paint over the song with glue to give it a glossy finish and let it dry. Attach a hook to the back so that it can be hung on a wall.

DRUM BUILDING: Give each child an old coffee can or something similar with a plastic lid. Let the children cover the drum with two pieces of construction paper and decorate the sides of the drum with yarn that can be glued onto the paper. If desired, give each child a round piece of cloth that will cover the top of the drum and hang over the sides. Use a large rubber band or tie a piece of yarn around the cloth to keep the cloth in place. Provide children with two small wooden dowels to beat the drum. SING a song together with the drums quietly beating in the background.

MUSIC HEARTS: Have the children cut out hearts and glue them to a piece of paper. Add music stems and flags to the the side of the hearts to make them look like heart-shaped music notes. Write "Make music from your heart to the Lord." Some heart stickers could also be used to decorate the page!

“GLORY TO GOD” PLACEMATS: Give each child a large piece of construction paper and some markers and stickers. Have the children write TO GOD ALONE BE THE GLORY in bright markers on the construction paper. The teacher will then help them put clear contact paper over the sheet to make a place mat to take home and use at meal time.

DRUM TREATS: Let the children pick a few hard candies from a bowl to place inside their newly made drum. The sound made by shaking the drum can be added to another song and then will become a sweet treat for the children!


Song:  "Praise Him All Ye Little Children"

Words and Music (pdf)

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Song:  "Hallelu, Hallelu"

Words and Music (pdf)

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