Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams

Sermon Title: "Water from a Rock"

Scripture Reading:  Exodus 17:1-7

ROCK JUMPING: Let children divide into teams and run a relay with jumping over every rock that is on the path from the team to the finish line. Children must jump every rock to and from the team line and tap the next player to continue the game. If many larger rocks are not available, just make the rocks out of crumpled newspaper, etc.

ROCK BALANCING: Children can each be given a rock to balance on the top of their head, to walk around a designated area or the children can be divided into teams to balance the rock on their head or on the shoulder or on the back of their hand, in a relay type game.

WANDERING THROUGH THE DESERT RELAY: Children can be given an obstacle course around a designated area (under pews or chair, around corners, over pillows, etc) to wander through and at the end of the obstacle "maze", the child can take a glass of water or juice to drink. Make the maze obstacle course as long as possible to take longer before the children can get a drink of water.

SCISSOR RELAY: Divide the children into teams. Each team member will take turns running to the table with paper and scissors. The team player will quickly cut out a rock or any other suggestion that the teacher chooses to make, and then lay the scissors down on the table and run back to the team for the next player to do the same. All of the cut out rocks could then be placed on a poster board with a title from today's lesson, if desired. IF a poster board is made by the class, the children may enjoy writing JESUS IS MY ROCK and signing their own name, as well as using bright colored markers to write the title words.

ROCK HOPSCOTCH: Play hopscotch with a rock and every children who finishes the hopscotch without tripping or stepping on a line, can take a colored pretty rock from the box that the teacher has prepared.

ROCK ART: Let each child choose a smooth rock to paint. Provide paints and supplies for children to paint something from today's lesson such as GOD IS MY PROVIDER or GOD HAS THE ANSWERS, etc.

WATER FROM A ROCK SKIT: Choose a child to slowly read today's story about Moses being the leader, and the people wandering through the desert and being thirsty. The other children will enjoy the part of "wandering and being thirsty and grumbling". Play act the rest of the story and then have children form a prayer circle and read or follow the teacher in praying the final prayer of today's lesson.

ROCK TEARING AND PAINTING: Give children construction paper and instruct them to TEAR a large rock picture out of their paper. No scissors allowed. Then supply paints for the children to write WATER FROM THE ROCK, or JESUS IS OUR ROCK, etc.


SHARE A SNACK: Poppin Rocks candy

Song:  "My God Is So Great"

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