Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams

Sermon Title: "Who Do You Trust"

Scripture Reading:  Psalm 23

GOLD RIBBON: Give children a gold strip of paper or shiny material. Fabric markers of various colors, if available can be provided to the children to write TRUST JESUS and use as a book marker or to hang over their mirror at home in their bedroom.

PILE OF PRAISES: Draw or trace and cut out leaves of various sizes and shapes. Write a NEED on each leaf that people have for God to provide. On a piece of paper, let children PILE their leaf PRAISES at the bottom of the big tree on the poster board. Label the picture as PILES OF PRAISES..

CLOTHESPIN TAG of “WANT-I-TIS”: Give each child 5 clothespins to pin onto their shirts. Children will try to get another child to say something that he “wants”. If the other child says something that he “wants”, then he loses one clothespin and the class continues. Teacher can change this game to fit the class and the teacher’s ideas to play the game so that the children will learn about needs and wants from our lesson today.

SHEEP VERSE: Children can trace a sheep and add some cotton to cover the sheep. Write THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD, I SHALL NOT WANT on the paper.

“WHO DO YOU TRUST” GAME: Divide children in teams. Have an “egg” throwing contest first and then try to throw “filled balloons” between teams, if desired! Have towels available for drying off! 

UNSCRAMBLE: Give children “sheep cards” with one word of Ps 23:1 on each card and let children unscramble the verse, as a class! Mix the cards up again and let the boys unscramble and then let the girls unscramble the verse. Recite the verse together!

WHO CAN I TRUST: Draw and cut out a shepherd’s STAFF/CROOK and glue to a piece of paper. Write WHO CAN I TRUST? On the crook, write JESUS vertically. Draw mini staff/crooks around the border with JESUS written in between the staffs.

STREAM & PASTURE ART: Cut a blue paper stream to glue onto a piece of paper. Glue pieces of grass next to the stream. Write out Bible verse on the stream or above the picture. Draw clouds and a sun shining in the corner. Write WHO DO I TRUST in the clouds.

SING A SONG: (Sung as a “round” over and over) – THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD, I’LL WALK WITH HIM ALWAYS.

PSALM 23 SNACK: Give children blue coolaid or juice (to represent the streams in Ps 23) and some green apply taffy candy (to represent the pastures in Ps 23). IF candy canes are available, children could be given a candy cane to represent the shepherd’s staff/crook.

Song:  "Trust and Obey"

Words and Music (pdf)

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Song:  "The Lord's My Shepherd"

Words and Music (pdf)

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About Carol Williams
Carol and her husband have been in the ministry for 35 years.  They have served churches in Illinois, Minnesota, Mississippi, Michigan, and for the last 14 years in Indiana.  Carol loves to work with children so you will find her teaching in Junior Church and children's Sunday School.  She also has clowning ministry in which she is known as Bubbles tc (the clown).
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